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Excellence & Diversity by GLBT Executives.

The first Italian network of GLBT professionals, entrepreneurs and managers working for the recognition of richness of diversity.

EDGE is an organization of GLBT professionals, entrepreneurs and managers born out of a desire to change Italian culture. EDGE’s goal is to foster communication between its members with the aim of improving their conditions on the personal, professional, economic and cultural level. It functions as a lobby group that represents the interests of Italian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, including by means of participation or organization of activities that promote the diffusion of a culture of personal dignity using GLBT individuals as role models.

The group’s main objective is to forge and develop a network of social and professional contacts, first and foremost among members, in order to create an organization that links us together.  Once we are connected, we can engage with the outside world by presenting professionals, managers and entrepreneurs as GLBT representatives and spokespersons on specific issues.

Equal application of human rights in democratic societies is the foundation for economic, cultural, personal and general growth, which no civilization can do without. This is critical and prompts us to uphold recognition of the human rights of GLBT people as a basic principle for making the most of individual diversity as a genuine resource to promote progress and prosperity.

EDGE sets as its main goal the creation of a cohesive fabric and exchange among its members in order to bring Italy into line with the rest of Europe. EDGE’s network of GLBT entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and managers from various sectors makes up a united association with the desire to improve conditions in Italian society and work for the recognition of GLBT individuals as integral members of that society.

EDGE aims to be a point of reference for developing a GLBT culture of identity addressing the professional needs and ambitions of its members, offering a programme of activities aimed to promote the role of GLBT people both at the economic and social level, as well as positioning itself as a genuine lobby group.

EDGE works in four main fields to achieve its social objectives:

  1. Networking among GLBT professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and managers;
  2. Society and diversity: promoting the development of a powerful lobby to ensure that GLBT issues are included in the social, civil and association-based fabric of Italy, capable of influencing choices that affect the GLBT community from a professional, managerial and entrepreneurial standpoint.
  3. Cultural change: understanding the social and economic cost of homophobia for society; advocating for a new culture of visibility based on the recognition of diversity as richness.

Business and work: striving for equality in the workplace for the GLBT community, engaging in dialogue with companies about applying uniformly qualitative standards regarding the concepts of diversity and inclusion..

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Edge è un’associazione membro di Egma


LEADERS FOR CHANGE – An International Glbt Business Convention


La prima lobby italiana di professionisti, imprenditori e manager GLBT per il riconoscimento della ricchezza nella diversità.


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