Become a Member


Become a Member

You can become a member of EDGE if you share our social purpose and commit to it. You can join us by applying for membership to the association or being introduced by a member.

In the first case, the regional representative or the Board of Directors will introduce you to one or two sponsors to accompany you during an introductory period; in the second case, the member who introduced the candidate will act as a sponsor, optionally with another partner. During this time as a candidate you obtain the status of «Follower».

The relationship between the member and the association is intended to be long-term. We believe that it is important to know each other well in order to work productively and avoid misunderstandings on both sides. For this reason, EDGE candidates must participate in a trial period, during which you can take part in all activities without financial obligation.

After the trial period, which lasts up to six months, the applicant submits a request for affiliation to the Board of Directors who confirms new members, based on the proposals of the sponsors.

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Edge è un’associazione membro di Egma


LEADERS FOR CHANGE – An International Glbt Business Convention


La prima lobby italiana di professionisti, imprenditori e manager GLBT per il riconoscimento della ricchezza nella diversità.


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