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EDGE: LGBTI+ leaders for change

EDGE entrepreneurs, managers and professionals give value to diversity.identity.equity.inclusion.


EDGE is the first group of LGBTI+ entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and their allies to be established in Italy. It is a network that both promotes personal and professional growth through sharing their experiences and is also a dynamic force for improving Italian civil society.
The fair application of human rights in society is the foundation for sustainable economic and cultural development, both personal and general.
No social organization can flourish without it. This is why the valuing of individual differences is proving so effective in promoting progress and well-being.

EDGE's purpose

Who are we?

Founded in 2012, EDGE is a not-for-profit voluntary organization that aims to bring together key members of the Italian LGBTI+ community (this acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people plus other minorities defined by gender identity), together with their major allies.
EDGE sees human and professional interchange among its members as one of its most important activities. This is why the organization combines socializing with – working on projects with practical, shared objectives.
EDGE’s purpose is to provide talented LGBTI+ people, in particular EDGE members and members of younger generations, with opportunities for high-level professional development. The organization also aims to influence policy, both public and private at national and local level, so as to advance the broadest and most inclusive cultural and economic progress, for Italian and European LGBTI+ people.

EDGE's activities

Three levels of activity


EDGE is a non-profit organisation that is open to all, providing its members with opportunities to work for human and professional growth and also to socialize.


EDGE leverages the strength of the Group to advocate for change, urging companies to value the talents and experience of LGBTI+ people in the workplace and in general, calling on institutions to advance by stimulating economic progress, well-being and cohesion, by broadly valuing diversity and specifically valuing LGBTI+ citizens, and by encouraging dialogue and inclusivity throughout society.


EDGE serves the Italian and European LGBTI+ community by making available a unique and diverse set of professional trainings programs and by contributing to the success of local, national and international initiatives in many different settings.


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